Smithills Schools


This is a totally unofficial web page about Smithills Schools in Bolton, in particular Smithills Grammar School.

If anyone has any information, especially photos & programmes from the annual prize givings, then I'd be happy to put them onto the internet.

Some of the programmes are interesting because they hold lists of all the pupils for that year.

Perhaps we could put together an on-line year book, for each year, with what we were then and what we have become.
For example, many of you from my year will have guessed I'm doing something with computers. Well it took a while! I was playing with them as a hobby from 1981 onwards. I transferred to a computing job in Preston in around 1990 for a few years, did a couple of years of other duties then moved to my final, niche post in Wigan in 1995 where I was doing National Technical Support, Web site construction & maintenance, Development and Office Automation. By retirement I was Attendance Management Consultant for the engineering workforce in Openreach

What are you doing? Drop me an email at "Smithills @" N.b don't just copy & paste tha t ad dresss because I've added spa ces in the address to avoid spam

I've come across a few Old Smithillians over the years and some of the names that spring to mind, in no particular order and apologies for any bad spelling or the 100 or so that I've missed, are Paul Mort, Johnnie Walker, Carl Horrocks, Michael Wignall, Ray Nuttall, Pamela Hewitt, Susan Whitcher, Zulfiqar Chandia, Zahid Razzaq, Ivan Bradley, Ann Haslam, Sheridan Keyhoe, Eric Morgan, Richard Morgan, Karl Winsch, Adrian Buckmaster, Martyn Boardman, Nigel Ibbotson, Dave Wolfe

I hope at least some of you find this page when you are searching for your names on the web

Neil Morgan
The Class of '74

Smithills School photos for download. Beware they are about 3Mb each. Right click in most browsers to get a download option.

Feel free to share these and I'm not bothered if you split them into smaller sections or even do a better job than I have at piecing the hires files into a single photo BUT ALWAYS please include a reference to this page. There are also some higher quality scans here but they are bigger files too so don't use your limited mobile data downloading them.

    Grammar 1964
    Tech 1968
    Grammar 1969 - Just before I started there but both my brothers are on it.

Here are some photos from Paul Greenhalgh.

The official Smithills school site is at

The following were later removed and unfortunately I only have one photo from the 50th anniversary evening :(

If anyone has any photos from that evening I would be happy to upload them here

There was a 50th anniversary page at
Photos of the event were available at or more precisely
and I'm on this one     .